It was the haymaker that no one saw coming. After numerous friendly encounters, including 2018’s ‘Profit Ability’ report, which argued that television has a 40% advantage over other channels in delivering ROI, Thinkbox and Ebiquity unexpectedly came to blows earlier this year after the latter’s strident assertion that “TV is dead”.

The line, used in jest to open the consultancy’s ‘TV at the Tipping Point’ study, released in February, hinted at its more serious claim that television media is losing ground with audiences of all ages, and is in danger of relinquishing its crown as the channel most likely to deliver brand ROI. Thoroughly irritated by the negative hyperbole, Thinkbox retorted that Ebiquity was “missing the bigger picture of how TV advertising has changed”.

Yet, if Mediatel had been hoping for some fireworks with its mischievous decision to invite the two parties to take part in a panel debate at its Connected TV World Summit (London, March 2019), it will have been left somewhat disappointed.