The Guardian Changing Media Summit covered a wide range of topics - including programmatic, transparency, sex technology, bitcoin, hashtags, VR and AR, cyberattacks and data - but a common thread was that advertising should focus on being human, that marketers should connect with people by empathising with them, speaking their language and reflecting their world. This last point is, according to consultant Cindy Gallop, one of advertising’s main responsibilities.

Reflect the world as it really is

Founder of co-creation platform IfWeRanTheWorld and sex-video-sharing website MakeLoveNotPorn, Gallop spoke of the need for advertising to move away from stereotypes and reinvent what we consider ‘aspirational culture’. Today, the role of money-maker is not a husband’s prerogative, and that of nurturer is not a wife’s, yet advertising still propagates such notions, she said. Today’s realities need to be put out there for people to perceive them as possibilities, to see them as aspirational, in Gallop’s view.