Few brands reflect new migrants in Australia, with one in three saying they would feel more positive towards a brand if it represented their culture accurately, research by broadcaster SBS has found.

Despite this, migrants don’t necessarily wish to see themselves represented in advertising although they would welcome some diversity in marketing communications.

“So many people we spoke to mentioned, ‘As long as it’s not five white faces.’ Brands used to say, ‘There’s some diversity,’ and have a Chinese person, but it needs to be not tokenistic. It really needs to be honest and come from the heart,” John Turnbull, Brand Partnerships Strategy Manager, SBS Media, told the audience at Advertising Week APAC.

The research piece conducted by SBS looked at the experience of new migrants during their first five years in Australia. In partnership with research firm Pollinate, SBS spoke to 1,000 new migrants with participants quizzed on how they felt about coming to Australia, how they worked their way through the complex retail environment and the changing influences over the years with the research painting a picture of how they become complex consumers.