The evolution of social: learnings from VaynerMedia, Facebook and GE

Lena Roland

Social has evolved and is now considered to be "like any other media" as opposed to something that is distinct or different, according to Eric Fulwiler, executive director, VaynerMedia London. Over the past six or seven years, marketers have shifted their approach from using social to create communities and engagement to "driving real business results at scale".

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But if social is like any other media, it's also the case that it's harder for marketers to cut through the noise in an increasingly busy media environment. Marketers need to sit down and begin at the beginning: it is imperative they "figure out where people are spending their time", said Fulwiler. "Figure that out first then work on the strategy after" because, while "creative is the variable to success" it won't work without knowing where the audience is in the first place.