Imagine a new marketing channel that not only increases in-store visits and redemption rates, but also grows loyalty. For a brick-and-mortar retailer, what’s not to like? At Retail Week Live (London, March 2019), Malene Da Silva, EMEA retail marketing director for fashion retailer Polo Ralph Lauren, explained how an innovative way with some old tech allied to some new tech had produced results that exceeded expectations and has the potential to deliver yet more for the upmarket Polo brand in its ongoing search for growth.

Polo attracts 47 million visitors a year to its 64 “factory outlet stores” carrying overstock in 42 locations across 14 European countries. “Acquisition is a key piece for us,” said Da Silva. “We have a huge number of people coming through our doors and once they make it to the till we have a very successful sign-up program [Polo Live]. We sign up the vast majority of people who purchase with us.”

The problem is, most people don’t make it as far as the till. “We have an 80% delta between footfall and ultimate store conversion,” she admitted. “There was a need to communicate with prospects earlier in the path to purchase.”