As shoppers peruse the beauty aisle in retail stores, they are frequently left with more questions than answers.

“When we talk to our consumers, and we place them in front of the fascia shelf, they tell us is it's kind of intimidating,” Sebastien Guillon, president/global beauty at Johnson & Johnson Consumer, admitted at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.


Sebastien Guillon, president/global beauty, Johnson & Johnson Consumer

“It's a bit overwhelming. And it's very frustrating to find the right product, because the consumer doesn't know exactly what to choose … What you see is rows and rows of jars and bottles, which makes it quite difficult for consumers to find their products.”

After a customer has purchased a beauty aid and started using it, the fog of confusion often remains. Why? Because some brands promise to deliver results in a few days; others could take weeks or even months to kick in, depending on the product in question and an individual’s skin type. Equally, the outcomes can vary in line with the issue a customer is trying to solve – be it acne, dry skin, or an oily complexion.