McDonald's CMO redefines marketing in "new world order"

Geoffrey Precourt

In consideration of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) "New World Order" – the theme of the organization's 2016 MIXX Conference in New York – Deborah Wahl pulled no punches.

"The old labels don't work," proclaimed McDonald's SVP/CMO. "The old approaches can't work. We need a new way, and one that will set us on a path to success for the future.

"Digital experiences have become irresistible to people. They've made people fearless – fearless to have a voice, fearless in the way they interact with one another, and, most importantly, how, when and where they interact with our brands."

Citing an "industry pivot point," she continued, "It's time to stop talking about [change] and embrace the fact that we have to listen hard to the people that we care most about. And we cannot assume that they will listen to us just because we believe we have something fabulous to say.