The biggest e-commerce challenge that companies are facing today, according to Mimrah Mahmood, APAC regional director of media solutions at Meltwater, is their “inability to scale”.

“A lot of organisations run things manually,” Mahmood observed at the recent FUTR Asia Summit in Singapore. “There’s someone copying things from an Excel file to another file, and once you start to realise that there are so many customers and you’re processing at fast pace, you start to become a machine in the whole loop.

“You get exhausted and [can’t] keep up with it.”

Summarising the three different opportunities in social marketing, he suggested it is “really important” for advertisers to “understand the full picture”.

The first opportunity: Moving from text CTAs to visual CTAs

Why companies continue to use text CTAs with shortened URLs like – despite the “very low” engagement rate for text-only content – boils down to the fact that many are unfamiliar with visual CTAs, he said.