Facebook groups are back in fashion – and there are opportunities to use them as a marketing tool, according to Nick Peroni, owner and creator of Ecom Empires, who considers Facebook groups to be an ideal lead-gen source for fan groups or niche interests.

“Facebook really loves communities, it’s trying to push more features into the activity because that helps to keep people on Facebook more. So when you post in groups, Facebook gives you a lot of reach on your post, and it’s also sending you free traffic because once Facebook figures out it’s a valuable group, it will start recommending and you will be growing organically,” Peroni said at the India Affiliate Summit held in New Delhi recently.

Used strategically, Facebook groups can drive also traffic across other platforms in a relatively low-cost way.

Peroni has collected thousands of members in his Facebook group without spending any money on it: “Your group is an asset although Facebook owns it, but it’s still a distribution channel and it’s a powerful one to be able to use. There are a lot of multiple benefits for long-term growth that you can use within a group. You can also turn it into an asset by doing an email list and things like that.”

Recipe for a successful group