Why it matters

Personalization is a hot topic for brands, but bright and shiny technology often serves as a substitute for meaningful consumer insight in this area. As digital tech is advancing at a rapid pace, the allure of leaping on a hot trend, rather than developing meaningful solutions, is likely to grow.


  • Personalization initiatives must solve a genuine consumer painpoint that can only be addressed with tech, and offer long-term value rather than a short-term mode of engagement.
  • Brands in the beauty category have often failed to serve diverse consumers, and exploring personalization could help them resolve this issue.
  • Enabling experimentation and self-expression might assist brands in the beauty industry achieve deeper modes of emotional engagement.

L’Oréal, the cosmetics manufacturer, is leveraging personalization to address long-standing painpoints in the beauty space. And, by doing so, it hopes to deepen consumer relationships in the process.