When entering a new category based around a particular disease state, the actions of pharma marketers prior to launch are usually critical to a fledgling brand’s success.

Unbranded, pre-launch disease-awareness and education campaigns have long been the preferred, compliant choice for warming up the market in advance of the arrival of a company’s new branded therapy.

In the current highly competitive and crowded landscape, however, “Unless you are a market leader, an unbranded disease awareness campaign will probably not get you a fair return on that effort,” according to Paul Murasko, senior director/multichannel marketing at Sunovion Pharmaceuticals.


Paul Murasko, senior director/multichannel marketing, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

“What if you are new to a disease state – new to market – and your drug is going to be coming out potentially after another competitor who might very well be watching and listening to what [you’re] saying right now?” he asked.