Snacking is on the rise – and the always-on consumer is inadvertently driving innovation in this high-growth category.

“There is a snackification of eating that is happening,” said Shivendu Nadkarni, Kellogg’s managing director for snacks in Asia and Africa, recently at a foodtech event in Singapore.

Taking the place of the three square meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner are erratic eating habits; likewise, meal times are becoming flexible as “times have stretched from early morning to late night”.

“People are always on – there are literally two breakfasts… (with) a second one that you eat just before working or get into office,” explained Nadkarni, speaking at the Building the FoodTech Ecosystem event organised by NUS Enterprise and SIFOOD. “Even for people who don’t have time for both, there is something called an ‘elevenses’, a mid-morning snack.”

“There is the lunch, and then there is the post lunch,” he added. “Then there is a snack, and there is a dinner, then there’s a supper – and these are just for people who don’t work night shifts.”