Sanchita Johri, Group Digital Marketing Lead for India at Johnson and Johnson, says that it’s all very well to put out online video content but marketers need to make sure they don't lose sight of their business objectives.

She was speaking at a panel discussion on trends in internet video consumption at the 13th Marketing Conclave held in Mumbai, and organised by IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India).

Johri emphasised the importance of online videos and mobile-centric content for brands in India's increasingly digital world.

"The recent Mary Meeker report says that Indians on an average spend 28 hours on their phones and 4 hours on the television per week. And why just look at research studies - examine your own behaviour. When you are looking at the television screen and watching your favourite shows, and an ad comes on, where is the eyeball? It is on your mobile screen," she said.

"As a marketer, if I am not doing video on mobile, then I am missing the audience that I actually want to talk to: people with purchasing power. So online video is absolutely critical."