There's a scene in The Wolf of Wall Street, the Martin Scorcese movie about convicted fraudster Jordan Belfort, that strikes a chord with Cisco's marketing director for EMEA. Sitting in a restaurant, Leonardo DiCaprio, playing Belfort, hands a pen to a colleague and asks him to sell the pen to him. "Why don't you write your name on that napkin for me," he's instructed. "I can't, I don't have a pen," Belfort replies. "Exactly. Supply and demand, my friend," comes the response.

The thing is, Emma Roffey told Newscred's ThinkContent conference (London, November 2017), "it's not about the pen at all. It's about the needs of the buyer and what motivates the buyer to take action."

It's a lesson the leading supplier of networking hardware has been taking on board over the past couple of years as it rethinks its approach to content marketing. "We're number one or number two in every market we go into, so we liked to shout about it," she explained. "If we had your email address, by god we were going to email you about what we wanted to say – every day, different subjects, but if we had your email address you were going hear from us."