Outback Steakhouse, the Australian-themed US casual dining chain, managed to bring in an extra 250,000 visitors to its branches in three months, using geo-tracking on consumers’ mobile phones to identify new or lapsed customers and then target them with ads and promotions.

Outback Steakhouse and GroundTruth won the mobile category of the I-COM Data Creativity Awards (San Sebastian, April 2018) with this project.

“We found restaurants have a hard time understanding whether or not the digital ads they serve have actually converted to business,” said Eric Hadley, CMO of GroundTruth.

“But because of our comprehensive location technology, we’ve been able to offer a cost-per-visit model, so they’re only paying us if someone comes into their business.”

Outback Steakhouse wanted to generate a quarter of a million extra visits, but was only counting people who hadn’t been in one of their restaurants for at least 12 months. GroundTruth used location data from mobile phones to generate the additional footfall.