Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG) could help end an age-old marketing debate that pitches long-term brand building against short-term transactional strategies.


Brent Smart, Chief Marketing Officer, Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG)

Brent Smart, the company’s chief marketing officer, has crafted a deceptively simple plan in order to achieve this goal: namely, selecting one region within Australia, and making a commitment to only run brand-building activities in this area for the next two years.

“I think it’s really easy to prove how short-term tactics work, especially in digital. We’ve all got the dashboards,” he told delegates at Advertising Week APAC, a conference held in Sydney, Australia.

“And there’s been this argument that we should be building brands in the long-term, but it’s really hard to prove. You can get the research, the literature, and all the IPA [and] Effies papers, but how do you actually prove it?”

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