According to Sunder Madakshira, head of marketing at Adobe India, India is on its way to becoming a trillion dollar economy. As a result, Madakshira believes marketers need to rethink the way they communicate with their consumers.

Madakshira defined India’s opportunities as falling under three key categories: math, the middle-class, and all-powerful mobile phone.

“Math is about the huge amount of technology power which is symbolic of the huge computing power that we have as a country. India as a nation is very naturally inclined towards analytics and science, and towards adoption of technology,” Madakshira explained at the 13th India Digital Summit held in New Delhi in January 2019.

“We have a very long past but that has not deterred India from looking at the future and embracing the new. I have observed in my career that India as a market adopts technologies much faster than most other geographies, and that is our big strength.”