A hyper-local approach to marketing has helped Pizza Hut in India reach hungry people near its restaurants and sell 2.7 million extra pizzas in a year – and is now guiding decisions on where new outlets should be launched.

The campaign, a finalist in the I-COM Data Creativity Awards 2018 (San Sebastian, April 2018), grew out of a particular need, according to Tarun Sobhani, co-founder and CEO of local search marketing platform Single Interface, which worked with the brand on driving frictionless online-to-offline customer acquisition.

“Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the world, but in India it’s competing not just against the other multi-location global brands, but also the local, single-location stores – therefore the battle had to be won at the local level,” he explained.

The objective was to increase discoverability of nearby Pizza Hut stores to digital audiences when they were in buying mode – thinking of buying a meal, but not necessarily with the Pizza Hut brand in mind.