Jamie Rutter admits that she has a fancy title – Manager/Digital Engagement & Advocacy Programs at United Airlines – for what amounts to a seemingly straightforward job: Leading employee communications on digital platforms.

Still, the role has its challenges, not least in engaging 90,000 employees across the globe – "A little bit of everything and everyone," Rutter explained at the 2017 Digital Summit Chicago – and creating awareness for a brand that often scrapes in near the bottom of customer-satisfaction surveys.

Jamie Rutter

Jamie Rutter, Manager/Digital Engagement & Advocacy Programs, United Airlines

Against this backdrop, employee advocacy on social media can lead to big business benefits both internally and externally, said Rutter, who led the execution of advocate-focused social media strategy for McDonald's, the restaurant chain, before joining the Chicago-based air carrier in July 2017. And it rests on a pretty simple formula.