How to reach "digital divas" in China

Low Lai Chow

"Women are the largest growing economic force in the world," Anita Caras, Microsoft's head of consumer insights for global agency and accounts, told the audience at Spikes Asia, the annual Festival of Creativity which this year was held in Singapore.

The combined earning power of women, she reminded delegates, is estimated to reach $18 trillion by 2014, according to the World Bank. And nowhere is this shift more powerful than in China, where the growth in female spending power has gone hand-in-hand with the surge in popularity of connected devices and services like social networks.

Microsoft Advertising and agency network Ogilvy & Mather recently conducted a study with 9,000 women – dubbed "digital divas" – in nine markets: Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UK. The research comprised a mixture of interviews, diaries and surveys. "Digital divas are the most digitally-confident, hyper-connected, socially-influential women in the online universe," Caras said in a subsequent interview with Warc.

Digital divas in perspective