The future is female, especially in India. And it’s time for marketers to get on board with the opportunity of India’s changing society.

But according to Sakshi Choudhary, creative controller at Ogilvy & Mather India, there is a clear disconnect between the new Indian woman and how the advertising industry perceives her to be.

Choudhary has been working in the ad world for the last eight years, and has handled major brands for Ogilvy. She was chosen as one of the fifteen women from around the world for 'See It Be It' − a Cannes Lions initiative created specifically for future women leaders in advertising and marketing.

The changing Indian woman

With more education and financial power than ever before, India’s young women are very much in the modern age. In 2015, the financial infusion rate for women was higher than that for men.

“Twenty percent of the world’s young women live in India. The enrolment rate in secondary education for girls doubled in the last ten years, it’s now higher than that for boys. Forty percent of women in India are now active bank account holders,” said Choudhary at the Zee Melt conference held in Mumbai recently.