Compañía Panameña de Aviación, S.A. n – more familiarly, Copa Airlines – is the flag carrier of Panama, headquartered in Panama City. But, despite that national heritage, it had a problem.

Yes, it was the number-one private company in the country. And, yes, more than 80% of air traffic in and out of Panama was on Copa’s planes.

But Copa didn’t feel brand love. And, even with its share of mind as the national carrier, reported Marco Antonio Ocando, the enterprise’s senior director/marketing and e-business, “We were really low in terms of consideration.

“Our financial performance was great, we were doing world class-things every day, but people were not really feeling it.”

What could give Copa some personality that would add “desirability” to “reliability” in terms of its brand attributes? “It’s a very musical country,” Ocando said in describing Panama to delegates at the 2018 Festival of Latin Media America (FOMLA).