The development of omnichannel retail across China and South East Asia – and particularly the rise of e-commerce - in recent years has created unprecedented opportunities for brands across the region.

According to Xian Wang, Global Content Director for Edge (formerly Planet Retail) - a leading e-commerce analytics provider - new ways are developing for consumers to interact with online retailers.

“More recently there is the development of intermediaries - payment and social platforms, delivery aggregators - that change the way consumers discover, research, identify and then transact,” said Wang at the APAC Ecommerce Accelerator Summit in Shanghai run by Edge, recently.

Gaining more control over the omnichannel retail space is thus a major priority for brands as they navigate an era of unprecedented upheaval in consumer shopping behaviour.

“We are not just in the forefront, but leading a once-in-a-lifetime generational change,” she said.

Generational leaps in Retail