How luxury brands can go digital: Insights from Rémy Cointreau

Stephen Whiteside

Like many luxury specialists, Rémy Cointreau – the premium alcoholic drinks group – traditionally relied on the printed page to showcase its products with striking visuals and sparkling copy.

"It used to be that we would look at different magazines," Emma Medina, vp/marketing, Rémy Cointreau USA, told delegates at the 2014 Mobile Media Upfront, an event held during Internet Week 2014 in New York. "In the alcoholic spirits industry, largely all of our media was strong in print. So we would always be in magazines like GQ, Esquire, etc."

When identifying the correct publications to advertise in, Rémy Cointreau usually asked a handful of questions relating to a given title's editorial priorities, readership profile and the size of its audience. In reflection of changing media habits, filling in the same checklist for potential partners today, according to Medina, involves trying to determine:

  • "What is the digital content?"
  • "What is the mobile content?"
  • "What are the partners that are best-suited to match the DNA of my brand, the lifestyle of my consumer, and where the consumer will be more receptive to my message?"