According to Brent Smart, chief marketing officer of insurance conglomerate IAG, there's no such thing as low-involvement products, only low-involvement marketing.

"Low involvement, low interest, low engagement, low tolerance – that's what I've got for those words," he said.

"They're marketing terms that are actually excuses for doing low involvement, boring marketing. They're excuses for creating marketing pollution and if there's one thing the world doesn't need, it's more marketing pollution."

Smart noted that certain products have an unfair advantage when it comes to being interesting by being beautiful, original or innovative – words few people would use to describe insurance.

"(Insurance marketers) have to create interest seemingly out of nothing," said Smart at the Mumbrella Finance Marketing Summit in Sydney recently.

Making finance high involvement

Smart believes these principles can be applied to the traditionally low involvement category of finance. There's certainly precedent with the most recent example belonging to State Street Global Advisors, and its Fearless Girl campaign.