How HP uses geotargeting and social data to boost ROI

Zara Stone

"Social media is all about data," according to Leslie Drate, Social Media Manager at HP Printers. "It's not about your tweet anymore. It's about how you're targeting the tweet. The key is to get the most ROI and do the most targeted marketing."

Drate leads all social-media activities for HP's largest consumer business. And, in that capacity, she's been able to target key audiences by drilling down both geographically and economically. As she explained to an audience at the ClickZ Live conference in San Francisco, this process feeds directly into HP's investment in customer service on social media, too.

HP also leverages social media to geotarget users when they get close to specific retail locations, using incentives such as digital coupons to help drive them into stores. To create this experience, its social team collects data from various partners to have a better understanding of exactly where a customer is in the shopping cycle.