Formula 1 partnered with Netflix to produce an in-depth documentary series that would bring the passion and the politics of the motor sport to a broader audience with a focus on the United States, and ultimately sell more tickets. In February it opened up the bonnet and let the cameras in.

The problem

A global franchise, the Formula 1 (F1) season travels the world, alighting in glamorous locations to race. The teams that take part, Ferrari, Renault, Mercedes to name a few, are some of the most recognisable brands in the world. For all the high-drama and the big brands, however, F1 has a closed reputation.

The project spawned off the back of the brand’s acquisition by Liberty Media in September of 2016. An American corporation, Liberty Media was a native of a market that Formula 1 had long struggled to conquer, and where it paled in comparison to US favourite NASCAR, the stock-car racing association.