Discover Puerto Rico is a new marketing organization challenged to craft a fresh brand positioning for the Caribbean island.

“There will be a large-scale brand campaign that will ladder up to the unveiling of the brand identity in Q1 [2019],” Leah Chandler, the CMO of Discover Puerto Rico. which opened its doors this July.


Leah Chandler, CMO, Discover Puerto Rico

“We still are in this transitional phase for Q4,” she told an audience at MediaPost’s 2018 Brand Marketers Insider Summit, “but we are going to put out a new campaign that is very rooted in culture and that can, again, ladder up to a new brand launch in Q1.”

The destination-marketing program faces a daunting backdrop. Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria in September 2017, a catastrophic event that ultimately left thousands of people dead; parts of the island went without electricity and clean water for an extended period. And this natural disaster, Chandler reported, came on the back of previous challenges such as an outbreak of the Zika virus and long-running labor disputes.