In October 2017, the Australian government decided to overhaul private health insurance in order to simplify a highly complicated system.

Speaking at the ad:tech Sydney conference, Jenny Williams, Chief Marketing Officer of insurance comparison business, explained how the system worked prior to the reforms being proposed.

“If you’ve got cancer, for instance, you might find you’re covered in hospitals, but you’re not covered for outpatient treatment,” said Williams.

“You’re covered for body cancer, but brain cancer is not covered. And the problem is that often you don’t even know you’re not covered until you go to claim for it. Then, all of a sudden, you're not getting your money back. The main issues consumers face are that they just want a reasonable price. They want good cover but they can’t compare one policy to another.”

In March 2018, the government introduced a round of health reforms into parliament which put in the unique and difficult position of having to work out how this would affect the business and the service it provides customers.