Legacy-media powerhouse CNN believes digital data can help it make smarter decisions about its news product.

While the peak-hours content from the brand’s eponymous cable network – for instance, “Cuomo Prime Time” and “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” – typically attract over a million TV viewers per night, such audiences now represent a fraction of the total information pool available for the Atlanta, Georgia-based media enterprise, which boasts:

  • 121 million unique digital visitors per month (March 2019);
  • 100 million unique mobile visitors (March 2019);
  • 483 million multiplatform video “starts” per month (February 2019);
  • 46.7 million fans on its main Facebook accounts (March 2019);
  • 96.4 million Twitter followers for its major news feeds (March 2019);
  • seven million Instagram fans (March 2019).

These statistics offer a hint at the granular data resources available to the company. “We have a lot of different inputs across CNN Worldwide,” said Chris Berend, CNN’s svp/digital video. “Whether it’s view times on actual live streaming video, or whether it's VOD [video-on-demand], it's usually a mixture of feedback we're getting from the audience here on social platforms.