"It is the customer's world," insists Ryan Luckey, AT&T's Assistant Vice President/Corporate Sponsorship. "We're all just living in it."

And, in adapting to this rapidly-changing world, the marketing/media focus of AT&T is exploding: The telecommunications company acquired DirecTV in 2015, and is about to invest $108.7 billion in the purchase of Time Warner.

Indeed, the enterprise has become so diverse and so rich that it seemingly would require a massive stadium just to house its senior-management teams.

No worry: AT&T Stadium, with room for 105,000 people – and a high-definition TV screen measuring 20,000+ square feet (presumably for lower-tier managers who don't have the seniority for front-row seats) – stands ready in the multinational enterprise's home in the Greater Dallas metroplex.

In fact, Luckey told delegates at the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) 2017 Brand Activation Conference, while the naming rightsholder for the Texas-based sports emporium may like to boast of its sponsorship of the world's 24th-largest HD video platform, AT&T is more keenly focused on much smaller screens.