The Gen Z consumer segment (generally defined as people born after 1998) presents new challenges for marketers and it’s important to understand these consumers for effective communications, according to Hitesh Sood, associate vice president and head of marketing at Vodafone Idea Limited. He was speaking at the Content Marketing Summit Asia (CMS) held in Mumbai in May this year.

Vodafone Idea Limited is India’s largest telecom operator with a market share of 35.61% and nearly 419 million subscribers in India. It is also the third largest mobile telecommunications network in the world. Sood previously worked at Reliance Communications and Bharti Airtel, both Indian telecom companies.

Sood began by spelling out two significant transformations that are enabling India’s evolution as a country. The first one is technological transformation led by digital, and the other is the demography-led transformation.

On the technological transformation, Sood said that, “Online penetration is the lifeline of digital, and today there are close to 570 million users on the internet in India and we are expecting the number to rise to 800 million by the end of 2020. Therefore, digital is catching up faster than we expected, and a lot of these consumers will do wallet transfers, e-shopping, etc.,” he said.