Growth starts from the values of the company, according to Aline Santos, executive vice president of global marketing and head of global diversity and inclusion at Unilever.

When Unilever first launched its Unstereotype campaign – the FMCG titan’s global initiative aimed at eradicating stereotypes in advertising – as a movement across the organisation two years ago, the reception from employees was positive.

“There was major traction from the marketers, from the agencies. Everyone wanted to do something about it. Everybody felt that it was about time for us to start shaking up the communications where it comes to stereotypes,” Santos said at the Spikes Asia 2018 Festival of Creativity in Singapore.

“Talking about stereotypes, people always go, ‘Oh, it’s always about women.’ No, it’s not always about women,” said Santos.

“It’s about men. It’s about nationality. It’s about religion. It’s about age. It’s about all the stereotypes that we face in the world.”