At a glance

The Kellogg Co. tapped the power of social media data as it launched Cheez-It Snap’d, a new extension to its cracker brand aimed at heavy users of video platforms like Netflix.

Why it matters

As consumers are spending more and more time bingeing TV shows and films online, snack brands have identified a potential new use case to leverage. But growing competition in the food category, plus changing tastes and viewing habits, have challenged old models of developing, launching and marketing new products.


  1. Using information from platforms like Twitter lets brands understand the role their products fulfil in the everyday lives of consumers.
  2. The cultural moments that are captured on social media can identify new opportunities for brands to get involved in wider issues of relevance to their audience.
  3. Tracking consumer responses on social media can give marketers an instant read on the impact of their campaigns, then adapt as required.