How Suzuki and Diageo judge marketing success in Australia

Andrea Sophocleous

The digital-fuelled proliferation of new advertising channels is helping smart marketers reach targeted audiences, but television – particularly thanks to the new trend towards "event TV" – remains the go-to medium for driving reach and brand awareness.

That was the message from two of Australia's leading marketers – Adam Ballesty, marketing and innovation director at spirits group Diageo, and Andrew Moore, national marketing manager at automobile and motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki.

While speaking at the 12th annual Australian Broadcasting Digital Media Summit – an event held in Sydney in February 2014 – Ballesty, who assumed his current role earlier this year, discussed the consequences of the firm's decision to pull almost all of its TV adspend.

"You haven't seen our brands, pretty much, on TV and radio for the past 12 months and I think we've learned – and we are learning – that is a mistake," he told the audience.