Great employee experience begets great customer experience. It also pays off for both the top and bottom line, according to Padmini Pandya, principal digital strategist of APAC for Adobe’s Digital Strategy Group.

At the recent Experiential Marketing Summit in Singapore, Pandya, an organisational psychologist, said: “We talk about experiences often as if they happen out of thin air, like they create themselves, but the truth is they don’t create themselves.

“The logical answer I don’t often hear people saying, is that it’s actually your employees who create these incredible customer experiences: your employees are in fact your first customers, not your customers themselves.”

Transforming is less about digital than it is within

With the buzz around digital transformation and technological implications that come with the term, Pandya, who advises multinational clients in the region on this very subject, said technology is really “the least of our problems at this point”.