What marketer wouldn’t want to know how to get their brand’s customers to provide content for them? That’s effectively the pitch from Tribe, which Lisa Targett, UK General Manager, described as a platform where brands discover everyday people to celebrate them through eye-catching content.

Brands create briefs and – via Tribe – invite thousands of micro-influencers to submit creative posts with a fee as an incentive. If the brand approves such posts, the influencer publishes it directly to their social media sites and is paid immediately. With 6,000 campaigns run through the Tribe platform in the past two years, there is clearly a demand from marketers for this type of influencer-led content.

“We’re able to work really quickly with brands. We provide a free app for influencers to create content and pitch it to brands that they want to work with,” Targett explained. And she outlined how marketers find a variety of returns from using such micro-influencers, beyond the usual word-of-mouth at scale a brand can gain from using a ‘traditional’ influencer.