For the Australian superannuation fund, Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia (HESTA), purpose matters.

Lisa Samuels, Executive – Marketing Strategy for HESTA, told the Customer Experience Innovation and Tech Fest in Melbourne: "I believe purpose is critical from a brand perspective. But if you don't believe it matters from a brand point of view, there's no doubt that it matters from an individual point of view."

Samuels says rooting an organisation such as HESTA in brand purpose is the only way forward in the competitive, uncertain and ambiguous environment today's businesses operate in. And the two groups of people impacted most by this purpose are employees, and customers.

With 820,000 members – more than 80% are women – HESTA has around $40 billion invested globally for the eventual retirement of Australia's nurses, aged care professionals, and early childcare educators, as well as people working in community services.

"When we're all enjoying our time with our families, they are the ones putting other people's families ahead of their own. This is what really drives us at HESTA," Samuels said.

Fixing the gap