Artefact was, until recently, a start-up. Acquired by the Euronext-listed NetBooster in 2017, the company’s three years of independent trading had demonstrated its considerable prowess in data analysis and consultancy. It also had a good name, one that NetBooster would soon substitute for its own.

The group now exists as a strategic consultancy and agency that deals with the knotty bits of the internet ad ecosystem: search, CRM, ad exchanges, analytics. It also has serious technology chops, having invested in several technologies which it includes in its special sauce. Originally, global CEO Guillaume de Requemaurel told the business paper Les Echos, the positioning was advisory and data science. It was a powerful mix. “We were going to see advertisers who were a bit lost in a marketing world which had become so complicated.”

Heineken, the Dutch-headquartered global brewer, was one such advertiser persuaded by Artefact’s purported “genuine alternative” to agencies and consultancies. In 2018, the firm opened a UK office. Speaking to Campaign at the time, Frederic Joseph, global chief activation officer, described Artefact as “marketing engineers”.