Mindshare India, working for the pest repellent brand Godrej HIT, used data signals, brought in from a broad range of sources, to create a business plan that would simultaneously deploy a big idea to capture hearts and minds while also delivering effectiveness.

In India, there are some simple truths. First there are a lot of people. Second, a lot of people means a lot of information, often held – if at all – disparately, and often with very little structure.

For brands with the clout to do so, this leaves an opportunity to create solutions from these data sets to inform both a communications strategy and execution. At the I-COM Data Creativity Awards (Malaga, May 2019), Mindshare’s Ikechi Okoronkwo, managing director of the agency’s marketing sciences practice, explained the variety of challenges it aimed to address through data. First was to create a big idea, then the campaign involved using data signals to create a decision modelling system to improve both the planning and media buying process.