According to Moneka Khurana, country head for the Mobile Marketing Association in India, ad fraud is a huge problem for the entire digital advertising ecosystem but especially in India where ad fraud has risen by as much as 40%.

The MMA conducted a survey to benchmark the current practices that marketers use in order to assess and combat mobile ad fraud.

Highlights from the survey include:

  • Although 22% of mobile ad budgets fall victim to ad fraud, exploring new technologies or approaches to counter it is not a high priority for most marketers.
  • Nine out of ten marketers are hiring dedicated external vendors, or are planning to do so in the near future, to detect and prevent fraud.
  • The top three areas in which ad fraud is highest are: brand campaigns, social and publisher direct.
  • Most marketers expect real-time analysis and proactive blocking of fraudulent impressions. However, service providers often offer periodic analysis which seems to be less important to marketers.
  • Marketers are not very familiar with blockchain, but almost all of them believe that it has the potential to help against ad fraud.