Today’s marketers have access to more data than ever before to help optimise their media, new channels are being introduced such as self-serve marketplaces, and the share of online activity with commercial agreements continues to increase.

Given this convergence between marketing and sales, marketers are having to think about how they can enhance performance in commerce. At ad:tech London (September 2018), Cassandra Stevens, global commerce director at media agency Zenith, highlighted five key areas of focus.

1. Break down silos

Influencing a customer’s decision to buy a product is not as straightforward as before. Historically, when a consumer was considering which brand to purchase, they turned to the shelf in the physical store to evaluate products. That’s no longer the case.

“While it varies by market and by category, we know that people are shopping online more,” said Stevens. “They’re purchasing, but they’re researching too. For example, in beauty, researching online has increased 75% in the past four years, but purchasing online is still more than that.”