Depending on where one sets the dates, 18- to 21-year-olds can be classified as being at the tail end of the millennial cohort or the top end of the centennial one. Sitting on the cusp of such definitional niceties can pose problems for researchers but university students offer a more distinct grouping and one which brands have a unique opportunity to reach and build a relationship with. At YMS18 (London, March 2018), Tim Bodenham, Managing Director of BAM, the student marketing agency, provided some insights for brands looking to target UK students.

1. Embrace the ‘golden period’

The first 100 days for new students at universities offers brands a great chance to build lasting relationships with this demographic, Bodenham advised. “It is a key milestone in their life. They are experiencing independence, they’re free from the constraints or the protection from their parents and guardians, probably for the first time.

“They have the ability to experiment and discover their own identity. They can choose what food to buy, where to eat their food, what restaurant to go to. They can experiment with fashion. They can purchase material items that say something about themselves.