Notorious laggards when it comes to digital-marketing adoption in general, pharma companies have been slow to employ content marketing to drive measurable business results.

Estimated to be two years behind most other industries, pharma's hesitation is not for want of content. The major players, in fact, are often drowning in useful material. What to do with it, however, seems to be the problem.

Pfizer's "Get Old" website is one breakthrough example of pharma content marketing, with an ambitious mission to stop people from being nervous about getting old. The site is unbranded, except for a discrete Pfizer logo. And, instead of the focus being on a product, the site's purpose is to build trust with customers by imparting helpful information about aging.

"That's all well and good, but what can be done, then, to tie such an approach back to some kind of ROI?" asked Robin Kamen, Leader/Content Marketing Advisory Services at NewsCred, the content-marketing firm.

Robin Kamen