Japanese travellers spend the highest percentage of their travel budget on hotels, Australian travellers take the longest trips while people from all over the world – except Germany – are indecisive about where to visit. That’s according to research conducted by Expedia Media Solutions, Expedia’s digital marketing arm.

Hari Nair, Global VP, Expedia Media Solutions told Mumbrella’s Travel Marketing Summit in Sydney that the online travel business has a wealth of data at its fingertips thanks to the 95 million unique users it sees on a monthly basis.

“That gives us a tremendous amount of data points. What we do with this is feed it right back into the system, based on our learnings and understanding of our customer,” Nair said.

Nair sees this data as helping the business to be a “matchmaker” as it brings together customers and marketers.

“One side you have millions of customers who come to our site looking for inspiration, research or to make a transaction. On the other side, you have travel marketers and advertisers who are looking for a way to get in front of that customer base to help them discover destinations, hotels and airlines. We are the ones who put the two together,” Nair said.