In early 2019, Domino’s Pizza launched a loyalty campaign with a difference.

The quick-service chain’s “Points for Pies” initiative aimed to celebrate “the love of pizza” by asking consumers to visit its branded mobile app and upload an image of a pizza in exchange for loyalty points.

What was the campaign’s secret sauce? Consumers could upload a photograph of any pizza – be it from Domino’s itself, a competitor’s product, a homemade effort, or a frozen pie – to claim their reward. Users were limited to one photo per week, and earned ten points for each upload made using the app, with 60 points earning them a free pizza from Domino’s.

Behind the scenes, an artificial-intelligence (AI) algorithm analyzed the images uploaded to the app – and was even able to spot a dog toy in the shape of a pizza slice.

“We provided some questions to better understand the pizza,” Christopher Thomas-Moore, vp/global ecommerce and digital marketing at Domino’s, explained at the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) 2019 Digital and Social Media Conference.