At a glance

Diageo has created a culture of marketing effectiveness across its portfolio of brands through the development of an easy-to-use tool that brings together data to help marketers decide how best to spend their money. Now it’s building on that by bringing all its strategic marketing technology capabilities together under a single hub.

Why it matters

The Marketing Catalyst tool has delivered on numerous levels, including a 16 times gross profit ROI over three years – generating double the value the business had been aiming for. Marketing – and marketing effectiveness – is now taken more seriously than ever before.

And where Catalyst helps Diageo understand which brands to invest most in, creativity gives the potential to boost this further; the difference between weak and strong creative could be as much as 13 times on sales.


  1. Be a business leader not a marketer: use wider business themes to make the case for marketing effectiveness.
  2. Set financial targets to focus thinking and motivate staff and partners
  3. Balance data-led and human decision making; allow creativity and data to co-exist.