CareerBuilder, the online recruitment platform, has found an edge in purpose-driven marketing – even if this mission isn’t expressly stated in its marketing campaigns.

“Purpose matters because businesses benefit from it in lots of ways,” Amy Heidersbach, CareerBuilder’s chief marketing officer, explained at Incite Group’s 2019 Brand Marketing Summit in San Francisco. “[But] it’s not a marketing campaign. It’s not a story. I think brand purpose starts at a much deeper level.

“This is where we delineate the brands that are just trying to fake it until they make it versus the ones that people really want to do business with.”

A year ago, CareerBuilder underwent a process of self-evaluation to answer its own series of “why” questions following its acquisition by a private equity firm. “We had a stated mission of ‘empowering employment,’” Heidersbach explained, “but that’s not really why we exist uniquely in the world.”