Back in 2013, Les Binet and Peter Field published The Long and the Short of It, a seminal piece of research that drew on the IPA Databank of case studies to argue that the most effective advertising strategies are geared 60% towards long-term brand building and 40% towards short-term activation.

The intervening period, however, has seen the meteoric rise of social media and brands being pulled towards short-term activations that are easily measureable. At IPA Effweek (London, October 2018), Peter Field re-affirmed that “brand building is the primary driver of long-term growth”. That starts to happen about about six months into the life of a campaign, but fewer are running for that long. “Increasingly we’re putting campaigns into the marketplace that we will never ever see significant long-term effects from, because they’re just not there long enough to embed the behavioural change that we’re trying to make,” he said.