Mobile phone signal data provided the key link between the oil company Castrol and a niche audience of truck drivers in India, whose vehicles would benefit from a newly launched lubricant, the recent I-COM conference heard.

Howard Gross, global digital director at Mindshare, explained how geolocation tracking of repeated mobile phone use at known "van stands", where drivers of small trucks or mini-trucks were known to gather on their breaks, meant Castrol could find out who these drivers were, and give them call.

The project, carried out in collaboration with the Indian mobile network operator Airtel, won both the Emerging Market Regions Award and the Mobile Category at I-COM's Data Creativity Awards. The awards were designed to recognise the most creative people and companies achieving business value and, ideally, competitive advantage, for their clients by leveraging value from data.

Gross explained that truck drivers in India tended to use the same engine oil, regardless of the size of their truck. But while big trucks spend most of their driving time on highways driving at a constant pace, mini-trucks are used more in cities, where there are poor road conditions, lots of stopping and starting, and greater stress on engines, which often, as a result, overheat.